Are those "Make money by filling out surveys" programs a scam?

Filling out surveys is often touted as a fast, easy way to make money. But who’s making the money?

The ads are everywhere. They commonly say something like, “Make tons of money filling out surveys.” Most people are skeptical about these job offers, and they have reason to be. Although there are a few websites that offer legitimate survey jobs to consumers, the majority of them are scams.

The problem with these survey jobs is that there are so many of them that it makes it quite difficult for people to find those that are legitimate. However, there are a few ways that people can weed out some of the scam jobs and make it easy to find some legit ones.

One surefire way to tell that a company is a scam is if it offers enormous amounts of money in small periods of time. If a company is offering the homeworker millions in just a few months, it is more than likely a scam. Making millions of dollars in just a few months filling out surveys is impossible, and consumers should avoid these sites at all costs.

Some survey companies offer lots of money for filling out their surveys, but what they fail to tell the consumers at first is that this money, they will be earning, is in the form of such things as contest drawings, gift cards or points that are only valid for merchandise on their site. This is acceptable for people who like contests and gift cards, or for people who would like to order the site’s merchandise. However, for people who want some extra cash, these companies are not an option.

A great way of finding out whether survey sites are legitimate or not is to check consumer reviews of the various sites. If there are many negative reviews of a certain site, it is probably a scam. On the other hand, if there are many positive reviews of a site, it is probably worth the consumer’s time.

It is possible to make extra money filling out surveys. However, people should never immediately quit their jobs before they find out just how much money they can make with surveys. It is best to start out with a few legitimate sites and see how they work and how they will pay. If it turns out that the sites pay well, people can consider filling out surveys their full-time job. Some people are happy with just a little extra money, while others work long hours filling out surveys to earn full-time cash. It is totally up to the individual’s desires.

Things to watch out for

  • Promises of easy money
  • Mentions of “redeeming points for gift cards” or “earning points”
  • Mentions of earning extra points by “signing up for trial offers”
  • Having to pay for access to the list of surveys

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